Hello, Welcome to hcapp.one

It is an innovative business platform that caters to SMEs and small businesses in transforming the way they run their 'customer facing activities'. It helps businesses to:

What is unique about hcapp.one is that it puts your Healthcare Entity into your customers dahsboard forever and establishes a lifelong customer engagement channel!

Specifially, for Healthcare establishments hcapp.one brings many specific features like:

Create your online profile - Specialities, Doctors Profiles, Lab Services etc. & go live in minutes - always stay current, uptodate & accessible from anywhere in the world!
Why an Online Profile?

Many healthcare establishments maintain websites to showcase their profiles, services, doctors etc., which after once or twice becomes a mammoth challenge to keep update and current. This platform solves that problems for ever. Your business profile always stays current while you may parallely maitain your website too!

It takes less than 15 minutes to create your online profile in hcapp.one

Once you have done that - your url becomes 'hcapp.one/yourbusinessname' which can then become your default online address - always up-to-date and your doorway to digital transformation and customer engagement.

It is a much more powerful doorway than a website!

For example, if your establishments name is 'GoodHealth', then this is how your business card looks:

Create healthcare packages that you target or direct to various segments - done within few minutes!
How does it help?

Healthcare packages are your core offerings to your patients. It is imperative that your packages are always current, accessible and easily applicable.

The process is automated for you. You can have online bookings of the packages and all that information is availble via a seamless interface in your dashboard for serving more patients.

Maintain Patient database, serve and engage your patients one-to-one & capture their bills and prescriptions forever in their dashboard!
Why Patient Database?

In this new digital era, your patients can be engaged in more than many ways to your benefit! Once you maintain your patient database you can use it for various ways to enagage with your patients in all times!

Keeping record of your patients and their prescriptions handy, accessible not only by you, but by them when they need is surely earns you a lot of complements from them. Even today most healthcare establishments do not have a link to their patients that brings true convenience to them, hcapp.one lets you do that with ease!

Build credibility and authority through content / knowledge management via Posts & Timeline!
How is this done and how does it help?

Sevice based businesses like healthcare needs to demonstrate subject matter expertise that eventually builds trust and connect with the patients. Businesses needs to demonstrate subject knowledge and must be sensitive to customer-care!

hcapp.one has a facebook style timeline that lets you create content postings and it reflects in your customers timeline which is your doorway to keep them engaged and buy their mindshare. Whats more? - you control each posts exactly who sees it - they can even reply and engage converse with you!

Similarly, you can add detailed posts about important healthcare related informations.

You also control how these show in your web-profile for public view!

Resolve patient grievances via a systematic & integrated module !
Why not via email?

Building customer loyalty is paramount to any business. Your worry on patinet churn rate will end if 'every interaction is enabled to build patients convenience and loyalty'. The stepping stone to customer loyalty is solving their issues quickly and structurally!

The grievances module is comprehensive, transparent and intelligently designed. They exactly know how you are working to resolve their grievances through various stages and you do it seamlessly as well. This brings tremendous trust of your patients to deal with you.

Upload prescriptions and healthdata to your patients dashboard securely & quickly bringing convenience to them and ensuring none of the those are ever misplaced or lost!
Why not via email?

Emails efficient to send messages and even attachments, but they fail when information or attachments needs to be stacked in order to be recovered later for use or tracked!

Maintaining health records of your patients in your systems is one but extending that convenience to your patients brings them a huge benefit to deal with you. This gives them enough and more reason to maintain a life-long relationship with your entity and standardize their choice to you!

Promote your entity via SMS, Email marketing & Social media marketing!
How do I do this?

hcapp.one packs power to you! An integrated promotion module lets you create SMS campaigns, Email campaigns and even social media posts that you can schedule for later days!

In version 1.0 we have integrated SMS promo module, Email Marketing Module and Facebook Marketing module. This brings enormous flexibility and power to you to promote your local business to your existing Patient data in hcapp.one or you can even import an external excel database!

Whats best? It is when you get strong analytic to study the traction you get out of your marketing spend!

Run online surveys & patient feedbacks on your healthcare entity!
Why do I need to do this?

It is wise to learn from your customers - they will eventually pay for your offerings. It is also wise to keep a track of what they feel about your service levels or offerings, so that you can continuously improve upon those!

with hcapp.one you can easily and quickly create surveys! This brings huge power to your business, collect intelligent feedback from your patients and also know how many of them have a mindshare for your entity. It also gives your patients a sense that you are a progressive entity which is always engaged with them. This gives them reasons to stick to you!

Get powerful Analytic so you make right business decisions!
Why do I need this?

Analytic is like a medical report. It saves your business by diagnosing what is the state of health of your business and what medication it needs to stay alive and thrive!

A series of powerful analytic is built in almost every feature of your dashboard. That lets you analyse and understand how is your business doing that then becomes the basis of your business decision making.